About the Maker

Hey there,

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Summer Bee Clay. Read a little bit about me or check out the short video made by Hello Studios that gives you a closer look into my studio and practice!


Summer Bee Clay came to be when I started making art again during the start of the pandemic in the summer of 2020.  After teaching HS art full-time for 3 years following my graduation from VCUarts I was itching to make for the sake of making again. I rented a pottery wheel and told myself to create with the intention of making beautiful things I wanted for my own home. A few months of experiments and I stumbled upon the early phases of what SummerBeeClay is today, simple functional forms imbued with intricate hand carved illustrations. 

In my practice I have always felt split in two different directions… between form/material and line/image. I feel most at home where those two worlds overlap… like in quilting which I have done throughout my entire life. Once I started to incorporate sgraffito techniques with my clay forms it changed the game for me. Sgraffito allows me to carve intuitively to the forms, and leave behind a visually striking line and tactile finish.

Today I am a full time artist and part time educator. I am so appreciative of your support which allows me to make art everyday. I love making art that I can share with my community, and love working alongside the incredible artists/small business owners I have come to know as I have lived & worked in Richmond Virginia. 

Special thanks to my parents, fiancée, and close friends. You put up with all of my over the top ideas and ambitions while rooting for me every step of the way. I am here where I am today because of you.

- Summer

Take a closer look…

Video Credit to Nicolas Dueñas of Hello Studios